Emoticons since the age of telegraph

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40 years ago, computer science professor Scott Fahlman sends an email suggesting a method to render expressions in writing. Also known as… emoticons! In reality they are simple symbol sequances expressing emotions. It is not tho the first time someone pops the idea of symbol combinations for expressing emotions in writing. We are talking about the era when written communiation was done with telegraphs using the Mors code.


Emoticons date back in the 19th century. Telegraph operators receive a form encouraging them to use these symbol sequences to express emotions in writing. For instance, the number 73 symbolizes love and friendship which will later will be replaced by number 88. A century later, the smiley emoticon will be the hottest trend and you will see it printed on t-shirts and badges. S. Fahlman believed that emoticons can not only epxress emotions in writing but even consider them as words. Even tho to title of emoticons inventor usually is given to S. Fahlman, the invention of emoticons dates earlier than his records. Let alone their evolution which has not stopped.

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