Vintage Apple comptuter can be yours!

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Famous Apple Collector ,Jimmy Grewal , will auction on eBay a functioning (!) Apple-1 computer. The vintage computer is gned by Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple. He wanted to auction a piece from his collection in order to be able to create more opportunities for the public to see his collection. Opportunities like pop-up exhibitions or a permanent venue so the public can appreciate the collection.

Jimmy Grewal’s love for Apple began from a young age when his parents bought he first Apple computer 40 years ago. A few years later he started collecting vintage Apple products. In 1976 200 Apple-1 computers were created, of which only 80 lasted till today. The auction will start tonight with a starting bid at $0,99 and will run until June 12th. It is said it will read a selling price of $285.000.

Will you bid?

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