YouTube: The first video was…

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17 years ago the first YouTube video is uploaded by one of its cofounder, Jawed Karim, titled “Me at the zoo” lasting 18 seconds. The famous video hosting platform was created by three former PayPal employees , Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. In 2005 the three friends decided to create their own service because they wanted to share a video online and couldn’t find a wedsite that would serve their need.

Duing the first year, YouTube reached 50 million visitors daily. Google rushed to buyout YouTube after its first year of operation. Nowadays YouTube is an integral part of our every day lives. It is available in 54 languages, it has 800 million videos uploaded and 2 billion visitors! The first video is watched until today and it has reached 226.377.068 views!

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