Samsung repair experts

At iCrack, our dependable technicians carry out Samsung screen repairs, battery replacement and a range of other repair services. You can visit one of our repair centers or send us your device for repair with a courrier service. Our specialized technicians can repair your Samsung, regardless of the damage. If your Samsung does not turn on, needs a microphone or a speaker repair, a screen replacement, a battery replacement, if it has a water damage or if the Samsung camera does not work, our team will diagnose the problem and fix it while you wait in our store.

Quick repair times

We understand that you may need an urgent repair if your device is damaged. This is why our Express Repair service ensures that your device will be functional and in your hands in no time. Most of our Samsung repairs take between 20 minutes and 1 work day. With our pick-up & return courrier service, you get an immediate repair and shipment of the fixed device at the same time.


Most of Samsung repairs come with a six-month guarantee*. Motherboard repairs come with a six-month guarantee. *Terms and conditions apply


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