Are you too much online?

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For sure this isn’t the first time you stumble upon an article talking about the relation between the time one spentds online and his/hers psychology. Maybe even an article talking about social media’s affects on us. You could limit your online time but you can’t disconnect from “civilization”. So how do we know that we are spending more time online than we should? What is internet’s influence? Is the a perfect amount of online time?

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin want to answer this question. Internet is a necessary part not only for our work but even for everyday life. Wether you use it to completed projects for your school or chatting with your friends you need it. The research that was conducted by these scientists proved that our online time is connected to our pschology even our behaviour online. Furthermore, they found that kids from 9 to 13 years old that tend to go online to pass their time are more likely to have psychological problems in the future. In addition, the research support the goldilock’s hypothesis, that there is a perfect amount of time to spend online. Scientists are optimistic that they will find way to monitor our online time in order to maitiain our wellbeing.

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