Google: the thesis that became a giant

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During the 90s, two PhD students from Stanford University will hand in their thesis titled BackRub. The thesis is about a search engine of the world wide web. It will draw the attention of one and only invenstor, but it will be enough the mark the begining. The young company will not take long to become famous and attract more investors. The founders of the company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, decide it is time to change the name. In a meeting of the executives someone will suggest naming it Googol. Googol the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. for our science friends 10100. One of the founders was kin of this idea and check if the domain is available for grabing. A quick search later, fortunately, he finds that it is free but he has a typo. Instead of Googol, he filled in Google.

We all know how that went, it’s been 30 years and we are talking about the top search engine in the web. During the next years Google will buyout other companies, such as YouTube and Android Software, but it will also create many, for example GMail and Google Maps. Moreover, one of Google’s achievements is the successful connection of searching something online with the company. In 2006, the word google is added in the Oxford dictionary. What about that…

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