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Unfortunately, some of us are theft victims. But when it comes to tech gadgets and to be more specific AirPods there might be a solution. That solution found a woman in Australia. She went for a drink with her friends and someone stole her AirPods from her coat’s pocket. Even tho she was devastated, she decided to use the Find My network and managed to track them! Before she went after them, she observed them for some days. They travelled from an appartment to train stations and restaurants. On the 4th day she decided to take action and go to the location where they were and demanded to have the AirPods returned to her. On the location was a super market and the person she met insisted she didn’t know anything. Yet she wasn’t swayed by her words and insisted that the AirPods were there. That was when she called her colleauge saying that the AirPods’ owner is here. When se finally reclaimed the AirPods the man insisted that he took them by mistake.

Not everyone is lucky tho! The Formula 1 champion, Sebastian Vettel, was a theft victim on Monday after the Grand Prix in Spain. His backpack was stolen from his car. Lucky for him -one could say-, he left his AirPods in the bag. He used Find My to track the thieves and chased them on a scooter. But the chase ended when the thieves dropped off the AirPods in order to get away.

Not all stories get to have a happy ending, but it seems Find My is quite a good detective!

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