Is our life better or worse without smartphones?

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We spend a big part of our day in front of our smartphone,especially if it is connected directly to our job. Is it affecting our lives and how can we confront it? On an average we spend 3 hours per day looking at our smartphone. This varies form googling what you are thinking, searching for the best directions to your destination, watching your favorite youtuber, shopping those shoes you like and watching what your friends are up to on social media.


At the Ruhr-Bochum University a research was conducted which answered this question. During the research 619 people joined of which they created 3 groups by random. The 1st group let their smartphone aside, the 2nd group decreased the time they spent on their smartphone by 1 hour a day and the 3rd group had no restriction towards their smartphone usage. A week later and the results showed that the people in the first 2 groups had less stress, better mood during the day and felt a bigger satisfaction after their physical activity. At the same time, the symptoms connected to depression and anxiety were decreased. 4 months later, the same participants in the groups with less or no time spent on their smartphones kept the schedule and had lower levels od anxiety and higher levels of good mood.

In conclusion, it isn’t necessary to cut off but just decrease the time we spent on our smartphones.

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