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On this day in 1992 the first first person shooter game ,that will define the success of this genre until this day, is released! We are talking about Wolfenstein 3D by id Software, the company that during the next years will release the famouns fps games Doom and Quake. Goal of the game was to escape from the Nazi prison Castle Wolfenstein. As one of our favorite fps games, we are nostalgic towards those carefree evenings while we were trying to go to the next level.

the first fps game

It wasn’t the only game that we spent our free time with. During our childhood years we came across alot of good games that we remember till today. But the ones we love the most are Mortal Kombat, Half-Life, Gran Turismo, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Metal Gear Solid.

Which was your favorite?

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